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From The C

From the C Jewelry - started in 2008

Looking for one-of-a-kind, authentic Alaskan-crafted jewelry? Look no further, From the C is all that and more. From the C jewelry is created from found, recycled and re-purposed items.

K-Bay Line: Exciting designs using sea glass and shells collected from Alaska's shores.

Salmon Leather Line: Wild Alaskan salmon skin is transformed into supple leather then hand painted in spectacular colors

Trash 2 Treasure Line: Discarded wine bottles and other glass items find new life as stunning treasures.

** NEW ** - Alaska Wedding Line and Formal Wear!

* Halibut Leather
* Money Clips and Key Fobs - Salmon & Halibut Leather

​ ​​​

From the C designs appeal to a wide audience, From visitors wanting a memory of their trip to beach lovers, recyclers, and those with an eye for beautiful, unique jewelry.

A proud permit holder of Made in Alaska and the Alaska Native Silverhand Logo


Phone: 907-715-2990