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Horse Training to Help Physical Needs

Over two months, we were able to raise $1,137 for Michael and Tim Pettit!

Through interaction and training, he learned effective communication, motor skills and confidence. Physical therapists at the center saw dramatic improvement in Michael’s conditions, even in those short weeks. Through small, controlled body movements, he started to fine-tune his motor skills, learning awareness and bodily self-control.

Michael’s brother Tim has physical and therapeutic needs that Benefe could help as well. Tim has scoliosis, torticollis, and is very rigid and tight, the polar opposite problem of Michael. While his fine motor skills are exceptional, he needs to strengthen his gross motor skills.Tim also suffers from defensiveness and sensory integration issues from not eating by mouth until the age of six.

Benefe offers these two vivacious boys the chance to find strength, agility, coordination and self-esteem, even through their struggles.

A small donation would be a huge blessing to this remarkable family who already spends a sizable amount of funds on other types of therapy for their four adopted children.

With your help, we can raise $1,000 to send both of these children to Benefe for the 9-week program in the summer, when they can improve their quality of life through this innovative and highly efficient therapy.

Let’s help this giving and loving family get through some of their many hurdles so they can feel victorious once more! We encourage you to donate any amounts you are able to spare today. Every dollar counts! counts!

As the owner and founder of Devery Prince Agency, I wanted to share what we are doing with you because it TRULY matters to me and our entire team. We want to make sure our community members are always in good hands. And together, with you, we believe we can prove that MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the details of our campaign. We are always here to help!

God bless you all!

Devery Prince