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Help Kids Make the Sound of Music

Meet SASA – Suzuki Association of South Central Alaska. This wonderful organization supports music education for teachers, parents, and children of all ages. Their goal is to enrich young lives through music, thereby enriching our community and society for the benefit of all. They give instruction to kids in their particular instrument with positive encouragement and help to build up a positive self-esteem. One of the most visible roles of SASA is to offer annual Suzuki Institutes, which are week-long intensive studies of music performance for Suzuki Method students in a variety of instruments. Throughout the year, they raise funds to put on various workshops and yearly institutes for students and teacher trainees. The goal of this campaign is to raise money to provide scholarships for students in need so they can attend the workshops and most importantly, the institute.

Unfortunately, there are many talented young musicians who don’t have the funds and resources to attend a place that can truly benefit their extraordinary skill. Kids benefit from this program by having the opportunity to work with master teachers from all over the United States on their instrument, to play in ensembles with other students, and to hear musicians in professional performances.

Below are a few quotes from parents and teachers emphasizing how educational and beneficial this camp is:

“I was amazed at the growth my Granddaughter showed in her music ability after one week! We couldn’t have sent her without the help of a scholarship as her Grandfather had been out of work for 6 months. I hope she can go to Institute next summer.”

“We really enjoyed the all ages aspect of the classes. Also, my daughter had never had the opportunity to play together with a group and that was amazing for her.”

A small donation to this campaign will go a long way. This scholarship will make a kid, or kids, dreams come true and send them to a camp that will inspire and encourage them in many ways.