Give yourself peace of mind with homeowners insurance, one of the most popular types of insurance policies you can purchase.
  • AUTO
    Car accidents happen every single day. Even the most experienced drivers can find themselves involved in one.
    Being a landlord is not so easy. Landlord insurance is something that every landlord needs before ever renting a property.
Here's what our clients say...
  • Eric Libis I am very happy with my Allstate experience, I have been using the same agent for many years. I see no reason to change. Everyone I have spoken to has been professional, well spoken, and very courteous.
  • Robert Cockrell excellent service!
  • Roy Scheller The staff have always been very helpful and responsive when I have questions about my policies or need to make changes.
  • William Peters I am very pleased with the services.
  • Jenica Magdas Hello, I have had a very good experience with Allstate for more than 14 years. It's easy to communicate via email for all the changes to my policy. Also, every time I call Devery Prince Agency I get the assistance and help I need without waiting on hold or talking with machines. I really appreciate your business Devery Prince Agency!